What We Do

Our mission is to assist this country in creating great companies that will ultimately lead to a more competitive and more prosperous South Africa for all.

The nine-year-old soccer team dilemma

We often find that businesses operate like nine-year-old soccer teams ….there’s a lot of activity and the players all cluster around the soccer ball like a swarm of bees, but when you look at the scoreboard there are no goals being scored…so how do we get a team to score goals and win the game? What’s often required is to develop a strategy or game plan, create the appropriate team structure (strikers, mid-fielders, defenders, in a 3-4-3 formation), ensure the correct skills in the correct positions, instill appropriate leadership, ensure empowering values, create efficient processes and side-line technologies proving Business Intelligence……business is no different to a soccer team and it’s often by looking at these elements that we become successful and gain competitive advantages.

By systematically and holistically addressing the above elements MetaPerformance helps our clients to pave the way to their future success…….we provide the stepping stones…….


MetaPerformance is synonymous with higher levels of performance….beyond conventional performance….our name also means “about” performance…..we like to have discussions on performance…performance of the business, of the people, of the processes, and of the technologies.

MetaPerformance is an Innovative & Creative Solutions company that deliver guaranteed bottom-line and top-line results through Product-, Process-, Technology- & People Innovation. Our unique and fresh approach to business problem solving has seen us build lasting relationships. At the most basic level we guarantee the following:

Increased revenue/ sales

Decreased operating expenses and Inventory

The reasons our clients like working with us is because we operate from three core values:

  1. Right quantity
  2. The right quality and
  3. In the correct Spirit

We deliver personalised, quality work and never stay longer than required; on top of that we’ll deliver a Return on Investment (ROI) for you.

MetaPerformance Business Consulting

  • We bring a fresh approach and perspective to business
  • We work in a results-oriented manner
  • We have the proper attitude and aptitude, as well as experience, to do the work
  • We hit deadlines
  • At times we all get too close to the work to assess and improve it effectively and in these times an experienced outside eye can provide the objectivity needed to get an organisation or project “unstuck.”
  • Our effective consultants have the ability to:
    • Assess both what’s working well and what needs improvement 
    • Communicate in terms that can be heard 
    • Instruct in an easy to understand, impartial manner so that teams can quickly integrate improvements. 
  • The Environment is sometimes Politically-Charged and this scenario takes objectivity to a new level. A number of individuals have “skin in the game,” and the environment may be conflict rich.  The stakes are high, and consequently so are tensions.  Our consultants are effective mediators in this scenario, ultimately getting individual agendas out of the way, and driving progress.

This is what one of our clients says:

Testimonial 1

Who We Work With

  • AlexanderForbes
  • Rhodes
  • Bestmed
  • Anglo American
  • DataCentrix
  • Enviroserv
  • FirstRand
  • Sasol
  • FTP
  • MTN
  • Omnia
  • PEP
  • SABS
  • Sasol
  • StandardBank
  • SunCityResort