Innovate and become a Mountain or Shrink into a grain of Sand.

MetaPerformance is an Innovative & Creative Solutions Management Consulting company that delivers guaranteed bottom-line and top-line results through Product-, Process-, Technology- & People Innovation.

Our unique and fresh approach to business problem solving has seen us build lasting relationships.

  • Peter Drucker said: Every organisation needs one core competence – Innovation
  • Walt Disney considered creativity to be so important that he paid his creative staff more than he paid himself

The Problem…

We often find that businesses operate like nine-year-old soccer teams… there’s a lot of activity and excitement on the field and all the players cluster around the ball like a swarm of bees, but when you look at the scoreboard no goals have been scored…

Sustainable results are critical for us.

  • Many Operational Improvement Projects don’t deliver the expected benefits. A study of 115 large public companies revealed that the cost position in 37% of these companies worsened in the first year of the Operational Improvement program, and 70% of companies did not sustain their cost improvements over three years.
  • In a study conducted by a leading Consulting Firm, South Africa’s productivity stands at 63% which is well below the optimum of 85%.

So how do we get a team to score goals and win the game?

Our Approach and Our Promise

What’s often required is to develop a strategy or game plan, and subsequently create the appropriate team structure (strikers, mid-fielders, defenders, in a 3-4-3 formation), ensure the correct skills in the correct positions, instil appropriate leadership, ensure empowering values, create efficient processes and side-line technologies providing Business Intelligence… business is no different to a soccer team and it’s often by looking at these elements that we become successful and gain a competitive advantage. By systematically and holistically addressing the above elements MetaPerformance helps our clients to pave the way to their future success… we provide the stepping stones… We deliver sustainable guaranteed bottom-line and top-line results through Product-, Process-, Technology- & People Innovation.

At the most basic level we guarantee the following:

  • Increased customer centricity
  • Increased revenue/ sales
  • Decreased operating expenses and Inventory

Our Promise:

  • Volume throughput: 30% additional capacity created.
  • Turn-Around Times: 24% reduction
  • Risk Reduction
  • More accurate measure of estimates
  • Reduction in customer complaints of up to 25%
  • Rejected Claims Count – improved claim rejection of 7.5%

Our promise to you – tap into the highest level of motivation of your employees.


Our approach will assist you to tap into the highest levels of motivation, creativity and productivity of your employees by creating a line of sight between what they do and your organisations aspiration and purpose.

What motivates?

In order to tap into the highest levels of motivation, creativity and productivity of the employees we need to understand what motivates them and whether their personal missions are in line with that of the organisation.

Taking care of people

Federal Express CEO, Fred Smith, “take care of our people, they in turn will deliver impeccable service demanded by our customers who will reward us with the profitability necessary to secure our future” – People – Service – Profit.

  1. The reasons our clients like working with us is because we operate from three core values:
    1. Right quantity
    2. The right quality and
    3. In the correct spirit – we deliver personalised, quality work and never stay longer than required;
  2. We deliver a Return on Investment (ROI) for our clients.
  3. We bring a fresh approach and perspective to organisations
  4. We work in a results-oriented manner
  5. On-time, within budget and no snaglist (we ensure we achieve our deadlines)
  6. Objectivity – at times we all get too close to the work to assess and improve it effectively and in these times an experienced outside eye can provide the objectivity needed to get an organisation or project “unstuck.”
  7. Our highly skilled consultants have the ability to:
    1. Assess both what’s working well and what needs improvement
    2. Communicate in terms that can be understood
    3. Instruct in an easy to understand, impartial manner so that teams can quickly integrate improvements.
  8. We act as effective mediators in politically charged environments, objectively navigating through internal personal agendas and conflict resolution.