Five-Day Business Process Improvement

Course Description

A large amount of emphasis is currently being placed on Business Process Management (BPM), in this short course; the learner will be shown that Business Process Improvement (BPI) is the reason for implementing any BPM exercise. The purpose of any BPI program is to develop Business Process improvement as a key strategy and management tool capable of supporting the organisations Mission/Vision/Goals and Objectives. BPI's goal is to dramatically improve the quality, availability, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of Business processes. BPI is focused on completely Understanding the customer's needs, identifying how best to meet those needs and them inventing the value stream of processes to get you there. BPM is the implementing the processes defined in the BPI project, but more importantly looking at a continuous improvement programme post-implementation.



Course Outline                          

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After completing this module the delegate will be able to: 

  1. Understand the difference between Business Process Improvement, Business Process Re-engineering


  2. Business Process Management

  3. Understand various approaches that can be used to understand BPI

  4. Apply the Drivers to Corporate Culture Change

  5. Define the scope of study for any BPI project

  6. Understand the influencing elements of Business Process Improvement

  7. Understand how data influences Business Process Improvement

  8. Produce benchmark statistics via Activity Based Costing

  9. Define a Business Case for BPI Projects

  10. Understand the Implementation Issues surrounding BPI

  11. Ability to implement a change management plan for Business Process Management.

  12. Understand the CMM (Capability Maturity Model) for continued organisation growth.

Number of Days = 5


  1. Advanced BA (within 12 months)

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