Four-Day Computer Systems Design

Course Description


This workshop offers ways to drastically reduce development and maintenance time of all automated systems, whether mainframe, client-server, or the Internet. It advocates building a design blueprint before developing the computer systems itself. This blueprint is a model of the system solution. The major model (a hierarchy diagram) is a development, implementation and testing model and forms a major part of the final system maintenance documentation. Commonly known as a Technical or Functional Specification

Internationally proven methods and models are used for creating a maintainable reliable system design from a well-defined requirements specification. Computer Systems Design picks up after the analysis workshop (Business Process & Information Modelling) and addresses the invention portion of a system development effort.

We are starting to see major bugs introduced into important business systems because the old systems are not built with good ENGINEERING practices. Most bugs and difficult modifications are not caused by business or technological changes, but rather by our old methods of Computer Systems Design (or lack thereof)

Systems Analysts, Designers, programmers, developers. Any person that’s about to, or is responsible for developing functional / technical specifications.




Instructor led, the student, after initial training sessions, will use the methods in a real world case study. Working first on an individual basis and then in a team mode, the student will provide solutions to a given business specification. The student will also learn and use all the design methods and models they need to produce a quality design specification, ready for a significantly reduced development phase.



After completing this workshop the delegate will be able to:


Develop a Computer Systems Design that meets the Business Requirements


Develop a design that’s more maintainable


Produce a design that’s capable of being tailored to your process environment using any computer language, computer hardware, or database management system.

Smooth the bridge between analysis and design (i.e. deriving solutions from requirements)


Derive a quality design based on a comprehensive method based on business needs rather than gut feel


Develop a design that views the entire process from stimulus to response (an Event).


In-house Training at a venue of your choice is available on request for 6 or more delegates

Each delegate will receive:


Training Material Hand-out

Examples of how a bad design leads to bad (difficult and expensive) systems.

Certificate of Completion

Course Outline


For a detailed outline of this workshop, please contact us.

Number of Days = 4



Delegates that will benefit most from this training workshop should have at least 2 years IT development experience, as it’s a very technical workshop. Programming language, Operating System, Database experience is immaterial as the tools and techniques taught are universal.



We charge a per person rate


Number of people Price per person per day
6-10 people R x/ day
11-15 people R y/ day
16-20 people R z/ day


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