Two-Day Business Process Management

Course Description

Businesses that have implemented Business Process Management (BPM) are already seeing solid returns on their investment through improved productivity and efficiency along with a reduction in time and costs. By applying a business process management approach, companies are able to automate their manual processes and cross the boundaries between people, systems and technology.

Course Outline

This 2-day, practical hands-on training workshop is designed for process managers and analysts as well as IT practitioners whose goal is to shift the organisation to a new level and apply a framework for structuring an organisational approach to process-centric change and continuous improvement.

The objective is to provide attendees with the necessary perspective, knowledge and skills to understand the essential elements and benefits of identifying the processes, mapping them, optimising them and implementing them so that they are effectively monitored, managed, controlled and improved.

Pre-requisites – none

We charge a per person rate

Number of people Price per person per day
6-10 people R x/ day
11-15 people R y/ day
16-20 people R z/ day


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