Consulting Solutions

Innovate and become a mountain or shrink into a grain of sand:

  • Peter Drucker said : Every organisation needs one core competence – Innovation
  • Walt Disney considered creativity to be so important that he paid his creative staff more than he paid himself

The Problem:

  • Many Operational Improvement Projects don’t deliver the expected benefits:
  • A study of 115 large public companies revealed that, the cost position in 37% of these companies actually worsened in the first year of the Operational Improvement program, and 70% of companies did not sustain their cost improvements over a three year period.
  • In another study conducted by a leading Consulting Firm, South Africa’s productivity stands at 63% with the optimum being 85%. Poor management, continues to be one of the biggest reasons for productivity loss, – there’s actually a continuing deterioration in management performance over successive years.
  • Based on research conducted by The Right Chain Institute in the US, approximately 70% of supply chain projects fail. If the project involves software, the failure rate climbs to 85%

The Promise:

  • We deliver guaranteed bottom-line and top-line results through Product-, Process-, Technology- & People Innovation.
  • How do we do it? Our approach is centered on understanding each client’s unique business requirements and objectives. Together we develop the supporting Processes , enabling Technology, required organisation and Products to ensure that business value is extracted every step of the way. We partner with the best-of-breed companies to deliver Product-, Process-, Technology- & People Innovation

Who We Work With

  • AlexanderForbes
  • Rhodes
  • Bestmed
  • Anglo American
  • DataCentrix
  • Enviroserv
  • FirstRand
  • Sasol
  • FTP
  • MTN
  • Omnia
  • PEP
  • SABS
  • Sasol
  • StandardBank
  • SunCityResort