Enterprise Asset Rationalisation

Rationalisation of the IT Applications portfolio systematically and proactively improving the business performance. Our approach quantifies the value of each application within the portfolio, eliminating or retiring redundant and end-of-life applications, and upgrading applications that still produce value.

Today companies face increasing challenges in maximizing the Return on Investment (ROI) of their IT infrastructure. The speed of technology advancements and the rapid pace of today’s business environment often forces you to rely on applications long after it has ceased to provide maximum value.

A Software Application is not an asset if its costs exceed the value that it delivers. The following business issues are typically linked to a dated application landscape:

  • Organisations can’t explain why IT resource consumption is so high: Decades of accumulation in an effort to keep pace with business change have created duplication, waste and bloat, yet IT can’t tie the size, cost, and resource consumption characteristics to specific applications – we tend to treat it as one large bucket of cost.
  • Business leaders don’t see the value: IT expenditures that don’t have clear business value are no longer getting funded, and business leaders are increasingly suspicious of IT spending habits and accountability – Forrester Research

The MetaPerformance EAR offering is all about the act of streamlining the existing application portfolio with an explicit goal of improving efficiency, reducing complexity, and lowering Total Cost of Ownership by:

  • Retiring aging and low-value applications
  • Re-engineering aging and high-value applications
  • Eliminating redundant applications
  • Standardising on common technology platform and version
  • Consolidating the applications—physically, logically, or both

Applications Rationalisation offers benefits that are straightforward, immediate, and quantifiable.

The major benefits of Applications Rationalisation fall into the following categories:

  • Saves you money
  • Frees your resources
  • Enhances your flexibility
  • Extends the life of valuable functionality

“CIOs are finding an average of 20% immediate cost savings (within 12 months of implementation) along with improved IT value positioning.” — Gartner

Enterprise Application Rationalisation

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