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The world is finding itself in the 4th Industrial Revolution, the economy is in a recession, customers are more demanding, disruptors like Fintechs & Insurtechs are changing the rules of the game, and businesses who are staying ahead of the curve are becoming digitalized.


As the pace of technological and market changes and digital disruption reshapes the modern business model, this sense of urgency has become the new norm.  Change is at hand.


In our world of information overload, every choice is an effort and so companies need to give much thought to the process of choice.


  • How do we know we’re making the right choice w.r.t. an investment in a particular software package?
  • Will this solution yield tangible business benefits?


MetaPerformance assists organisations with the process of choice. Many facets need to be evaluated to make the right choice of a software solution. Our approach ensures proper decision-making for you and your Executive Committee for the selection and rollout of a suitable software solution and ensures the removal of Financial and Emotional Risk Factors – we’ll facilitate a decision-making process allowing you to substantiate your decision and know that you’ve made the right decision. 


An approach to evaluate complex systems must be done with a clear understanding of performance- and architectural criteria. Therefore, an approach is required to adequately test the supplier’s ability to deliver on your Business Needs. Demonstrations by vendors can often deteriorate into an exercise of highlighting the good aspects of the systems and navigating around the shortcomings, creating an overly positive perception of the product.  Hence as part of our comprehensive approach, we suggest that a scripted demonstration of your key business processes (value streams as defined by the BRS) be followed.


Our goal with the proposed approach is to eliminate as much, if not all, of the risk of your selection:


  • This approach should take away the financial, psychological, or emotional risk factors for you
  • This approach will make sure your Board receives an evaluation report that’s foolproof and void of possible mistakes
  • Our evaluation approach is designed to measure the capabilities of the prospective systems against the strategic requirements of the business. Our methodology ensures that the link is kept between your strategy, your business processes (value streams) that support the strategy, and the systems that enable these business processes.


The outcome of our Projects includes the following:

  • A detailed document that sets out the recommended solution and the rationale of selecting the particular vendor (including the results of the weighted scoring of the short-list of vendors)
    • Defining requirements and needs with the aim of selecting a solution to enable them, often does not make it easier for the key decision-makers to decide on the potential investment in the solution. What is required is to give the key decision-makers the required information to make their decision making easy. MetaPerformance specialises in Business Analysis (incl. Business Requirements Definition) leading to Business Cases. These Business Cases, also called Impact Analysis, have the aim of defining a case for change – i.e. the Impact (Return) of not implementing the proposed solution but also to indicate the potential Investment (I) required. This provides our customers with a Return on Investment (ROI) calculation making it easier to decide




Our approach is designed to measure the functional capabilities of the prospective systems against the strategic requirements of your business.  Our methodology will ensure that the link is kept between your strategy, your business processes that support the strategy, and the systems that enable these business processes.  We’ll follow a three-staged approach as described in Diagram 1 below:


Stage 1 – Requirements Definition

Detailed Business Requirements which will contain the requirements captured in the following formats:

  1. Business User Requirements in the form of expressions – e.g.


  1. Detailed process maps (TO-BE processes/ Value streams)


  1. Detailed Data Dictionaries – data fields or elements that are critical


  1. Detailed Business Rules


Stage 2 – Scripted Demonstration


MetaPerformance facilitates an evaluation approach that scores the selected systems.  It’s critical for clients to retain the initiative during the selection process.  To do this we prescribe what the supplier must demonstrate and prove how their software will enable our Business Process/ Value streams, execute the business rules, and cater for the data needs.  MetaPerformance writes the scripts that represent the above business processes, rules, and data that are specific enough to force the vendors to demonstrate their abilities to adapt or customise to specific requirements.


Stage 3 – Vendor Selection


The evaluation process is made up of the following steps:


  1. Develop evaluation criteria to measure the capabilities for the systems functionality (as defined by the BRS)


  1. For each criterion develop the possible outcomes (5 possible outcomes per criteria)


  1. For each of the possible outcomes assign a weight to indicate the relative importance of that specific outcome, taking into account strategy and best practice


  1. Subject the solutions to each of the criteria and score by selecting the appropriate outcome


  1. Add up the weighted outcome of each criterion to get the overall score for each system.

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