Select Technology for You

The MetaPerformance Approach

Our approach ensures proper decision-making for you and your Executive Committee regarding the selection of a suitable Systems Landscape and ensuring the removal of Financial- and Emotional Risk Factors – we specialise in facilitating the decision-making process allowing organisations to substantiate their decision and know that they’ve made the correct decision.

“Our approach eliminates as much, if not all, of the risk in agreeing a fit-for-purpose To-Be-Systems landscape”

  • Our approach will make sure you don’t look bad in the eyes of your Board, because it’s a fool proof approach void of possible mistakes.
  • Our approach is designed to measure the capabilities of the prospective systems against the strategic requirements of the business.
  • Our methodology ensures that the link is kept between your strategy, your business processes that support the strategy and the systems that enable these business processes.

It’s all about “showing the money”. We’ve found that offering a solution before building up the need often leads to the person signing the cheque or making the decision not feeling that the problem has sufficient value to merit an investment in an expensive solution. We’ve typically found that when advantages of the solution are provided objections are raised.

Our approach in essence involves understanding the needs of the business as opposed to the functionality of the software solutions (product features and functions) and determines the business value (ROI) the solution can bring.

We explore the underlying business problems the solution is intended to solve and / or the desired results the solution is intended to produce. These problems and results are then examined for evidence; evidence is then developed into economic consequences and impact, thus creating a sound business case for adopting a solution or divesting in a solution.

“Solutions have no inherent value unless they solve something and drive some result.”

Through our methodology MetaPerformance has identified more than R200m in quantified and (customer) qualified business benefit.

Our Proposed Mandate and Offer

We propose the following mandate:

“Perform an independent business Analysis on behalf of Company ABC providing the key decision makers with the required information to facilitate easy decision-making regarding the continued value realisation of the IT solution”

This mandate can be interpreted as:

  1. Review the current relevant processes and how it’s enabled by technology (i.e. the IT solution and how it’s performing in its ability to enable the processes)
    • The Business Analysis will use the Exploration and Mining Business Reference Model as a basis. The result being a list issues, linked to root causes, enablers and quantified business value.
    • Define/evaluate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will be used to track the Value Realisation enabled trough the technology. KPIs will be defined at multiple levels across all processes (Discover, Establish, Exploit, Beneficiate, Sell and Rehabilitate) and includes performance and data related KPIs.
    • Define a proposed To-Be model and roadmap which makes recommendations regarding processes and technology
  2. Develop a Business Case and Value Realisation Approach (see Diagram 1 below) which highlights the Return on Investment (ROI) / EVA by evaluating the positive business impact of technology key enablers and the resulting payback given the required investment.
    • Depending on complexity and level of analysis depth, we typically develop business cases in a 2 – 4 week time frame (costs ranging from R65k – R120k).
      Diagram 1: MetaPerformance Value Realisation Approach Overview


Every line of the Business Case has to keep the attention of your audience:“The radio is calling, the television is calling, the phone is ringing, the sun is shining, the refrigerator has food in it – the Business Case has to keep your audience nailed to their seats.”

Who We Work With

  • AlexanderForbes
  • Rhodes
  • Bestmed
  • Anglo American
  • DataCentrix
  • Enviroserv
  • FirstRand
  • Sasol
  • FTP
  • MTN
  • Omnia
  • PEP
  • SABS
  • Sasol
  • StandardBank
  • SunCityResort