Solution Management (SDLC and PPM)

Are you running out of time and budget by going the in-house development route?

Every project is different and each client has different expectations and requirements. Therefore we harness proven methodology to guide the development of the most appropriate approach to each client’s unique project.  Larger organisations and larger projects usually require all the steps outlined below to be completed formally, while smaller organisations and small projects may not require all these steps.


How to select a Fit-for-Future Tools Architecture for the end-to-end Portfolio, Programme and Project Management (PPM) processes

MetaPerformance specialises in the area of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) – our expertise involves developing the end-to-end processes and selecting fit-for-purpose technologies to enable those processes.

PPM is defined as the centralised management of processes, methods, and technologies used by project managers and Programme Management Offices (PMOs) to analyse and collectively manage a group of current or proposed projects based on numerous key characteristics. The objectives of PPM are to determine the optimal resource mix for delivery and to schedule activities to best achieve an organisation’s operational and financial goals ― while honouring constraints imposed by customers, strategic objectives, or external real-world factors.

MetaPerformance also specialise in the area of Application lifecycle management (ALM) or systems development life cycle (SDLC)

Our stakeholders include 1) Executives to IM (Information Management); 2) Programme Management Offices (PMOs) and 3) Project Managers. The PMO typically provides governance and support ensuring that the business requirements are delivered within scope, budget and at the required quality,

One of the most important disciplines that our clients wish to apply is the discipline of aligning the project portfolio/s with the stated vision and mission statements of the organisation as well as with key result areas and supporting objectives. PPM in conjunction with ALM ensures a golden thread (end-to-end) between the company’s strategy and what the IT division delivers (i.e. fully merge project management and application development practices to deliver a higher level of transparency into managing project health and changes to scope).

PPM solutions typically require two distinct segments namely Planning and Execution (top-down forecasting & planning and project management). PPM solutions must be able to handle the day-to-day work (below the line – Project Management) for both waterfall and Agile projects that conveys aggregated information to more strategic planning (above the-line- Portfolio Management) whilst ensuring that what is developed is managed and released properly through an ALM solution.

Demand for business agility is fueling the adoption and incorporation of Agile development techniques that can deliver differentiating business technology solutions within accelerated time frames. Agile development however disrupts operations and governance processes and technologies such as project/program portfolio management (PPM). Traditional PPM solutions often don’t suit the lighter-weight/ Lean governance processes that Agile projects require. Our clients typically wish to adopt governance processes that span traditional waterfall and Agile.

To summarise, our clients typically require the following at a high level:

  • Tightly coupled top-down strategic planning and project execution. Top-down strategic planning, with complete traceability and connected business cases from business-value delivery. Complete integration between demand and delivery with visibility into resource capacity and demand — the net result is that strategic needs are met with governed prioritisation. PPM need to create a handshake.
  •  Transparency into resource capacity to help manage unrelenting demand. With transparency into resource capacity, allocation, and consumption, Sasol IM can take actions that would constrain demand and more strategically focus limited resources.
  •  Optimisation of the mix of projects within and across portfolios. To optimise the most profitable mix of projects, portfolio managers need to be able to elaborate what-if scenarios and evaluate how total cost of acquisition, return on investment, or net present value stacked up for each custom blend of priorities.
  •  Waterfall and Agile methodologies. While waterfall remains a valid project management method for large projects Sasol IM require a solution that also supports short sprints of development activity, team-oriented execution, resource allocation, and other Agile practices.

 It’s all about translating strategy top down into measurable benefits through collaboration of people, and automating the integration of process

A single, integrated and collaborative environment to manage plans, tasks, revision control, and build reportsIntegrate tasks across the software life cycle – track work items, source control, reporting, and build management, in a single product

Translating the strategy top down into projects that are delivered on-time, within budget and within quality requires a systematic approach guided by Architecture and subjected by governance.

A fit-for-purpose Tools Architecture should create a golden thread from strategy down to delivery of measurable business value.

Some of the Core Drivers for change include:

  • Improved Predictability – Predictability of services is critical – deliver on-time and on-budget. End to end estimates with higher levels of accuracy in the early phases resulting in reductions in cost overruns and delays in benefits realisation is key.
  • Improved Decision Making – Better decision making and prioritisation throughout the lifecycle and better visibility of strategic and cross project impact of different alternatives/option available at that time.
  • Enhanced End User experience – The aim is to be a value adding partner for Business Units/ Business Owners, Programme Executives, Project Sponsors, Project Managers and Project Administrators in the project community, and not just a provider of administrative and “watch dog” services.
  •  Manage SBQ – Schedule, Budget, Quality

We’ve been exposed to software solutions like SAP PPM, HP PPM, Project Portfolio Office (PPO), Primavera and Instantis (both from Oracle), Daptiv, Microsoft PPM, Sciforma, CA Clarity PPM

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