Transformational Consulting

The Problem:

In order to turn an organisation around you need to tap into the highest levels of motivation, creativity, and productivity of the employees. In order to do this you first need to understand what motivates them and whether their personal missions are in line with that of the organisation.

“Transformation” is used in many business contexts. What does it mean to you?

Change: A different way of doing. Doing what we do now, but doing it in a more efficient, productive, or quality-enhancing way


  • A different way of being.
  • Involves changes at the deepest levels of beliefs, values, and assumptions.
  • Results in fundamental shifts in personal and organisational behaviour and organisational systems and structures.
  • Results in a step-change improvement in the health and capabilities of an organisation, which underpins a sustainable improvement in overall performance
  • Transformation occurs in systems that learn from mistakes, are open to the future, and can let go of the past and their rigid beliefs.
  • It tackles all available levers: cost, revenue, capital efficiency, capabilities, etc. It leaves the organisation stronger and more resilient.


The number one factor companies need to manage to ensure that transformation succeeds: Focus on the people, i.e. the importance of tackling individual mind-sets and capabilities. All organisations are made up of people, and the ability of an organisation to affect and sustain large-scale change is almost entirely a function of whether those people want the change and are capable of driving it. In other words, performance is an outcome of the mindsets and capabilities of the people who make up an organisation.

Our Management Consulting Services are all underpinned by our Transformational Consulting practices

The Promise:

At MetaPerformance we understand that values define who we are and where we’re going. It guides our decision-making, almost like the 10 Commandments. Values therefore affect the motivational levels of employees . The first step in our engagement is to understand an organisation’s current values and evaluate how it corresponds to each level of motivation of the employees, and whether its balanced across the levels or spectrum of motivation.

bus-devOur approach results in three important changes resulting in organisational transformation:

  1. The organisation moves from being task-driven (cost control/ profit-driven) to being values-driven
  2. It begins to measure success i.t.o. its physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health
  3. The role of managers changes from being predominantly controlling to being predominantly empowering

At an organizational level, the 7S’s are necessary to successfully transform.

Our Promise

Our promise to you is that by addressing all the 7 S’s the project will ensure the outcomes required to turn the organisation around:

  • A visionary organisation with a culture of trust, ownership, community, purpose and performance.
  • An organisation where it’s not a job or career but rather a mission. A mission is timeless. It’s work that corresponds to our inner passion. We give our deepest selves. In return we find meaning.
  • An organisation where intuition and creativity comes alive: When our work is also our mission and we have an employee who treats us fairly, we have an opportunity to find personal fulfillment.

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