Strategy Consulting

Organisations often battle to define a lasting competitive strategy or purely implementing a strategy. Crafting strategy is an analysis-driven exercise. It’s not an activity where executives can succeed by sheer effort and creativity.

Judging what strategy to pursue should ideally be grounded in a probing assessment of an company’s external and internal situation. The essence of the strategy development will manifest in the organisational activities – choosing to perform activities differently or to perform different activities than rivals. Otherwise, the strategy will be nothing more than a marketing slogan that will not withstand competition. A strategy also needs to create a line of sight between the organisations strategy and the individual performance measures

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Business Architecture

Changes to how organisations run their operations intensify as the marketplace changes and become increasingly competitive. There are many common “events” that most often drive the need for developing, evaluating or modifying the operating model of the organisation.

So, if you’re concerned about the economic outlook, and if you get challenging questions from your board about the resilience of your organisation’s performance, how do you best respond? It turns out that in times of crisis and in times of economic slowdown, not everybody fares the same. Those organisations that make the shift to an operating model which combines operations capabilities with digital technologies, one that can create value, lower costs, and improve customer experience, giving organisations an edge in a highly competitive landscape, are the ones that do well.

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Business Consulting

Analysing Businesses is at the heart of what we do. Our approach is centred around understanding each client’s unique business requirements and objectives. We analyse an organisation from various aspects including the Structure, Processes, enabling Technologies, Skills, Shared Values, and Staffing / Capacity.

Discover what benefits MetaPerformance holds for you and how we can create breakthroughs and massive gains. If you’re interested in improving your Operational Efficiencies we’d like to talk to you about our Business Consulting competence.

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Business Process Engineering

Organisations are under pressure. Margins are stressed from all sides because of steadily rising labour costs and more intense competition.

On top of that, today’s customers have high expectations from efficient interactions with companies to convenient, reliable and value for money product and service deliveries. The customer’s expectations continue to surge as digital disruptors alike raise the bar for personalised service — on the back of what, at times, is an advantaged cost structure. As organisations struggle to adapt, and even to survive, they increasingly pursue initiatives to address margin strain and more demanding customer expectations.

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Automation Consulting

The world is finding itself in the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR), the economy is in a recession, customers are more demanding, disruptors like Fintechs & Insurtechs are changing the rules of the game, and businesses who are staying ahead of the curve are becoming digitalized.

As the pace of technological and market changes and digital disruption reshapes the modern business model, this sense of urgency has become the new norm. Change is at hand.

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Business Analysis as a Service (BAaaS)

It’s a documented statistic that 1 omission and/or an error made in the requirements definition can lead to 6000 defects at the implementation stage of the software solution. We provide Business Analysis services and skilled Business Analysts to the market who can clearly, crisply and comprehensively identify business needs and determine solutions to business problems.

We follow either an agile- or waterfall approach to defining requirements, depending on the need of our clients. We follow a Customer-Centric Design towards developing Business Requirements Specifications.

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Supply Chain Consulting

A company’s performance is often restricted by fragmented decision making. To deal with increasing complexity, decision making has been split into functions such as Finance, Sales, Procurement, Manufacturing and Distribution. In many cases these functions act as separate silos, making decisions based on their own objectives, incentives and locally available data.

Silo behaviour leads to Demand/Supply mismatches resulting in loss of revenue and an increase in Operating Expenses and Working Capital.

To address the above mentioned issues, companies need a structured approach and process to drive a single set of forward-looking numbers over a 12 to 24-month planning horizon.

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Business Analysis & Process Management Training

We believe we’re the preferred supplier to people and organisations like yourself to do their Business Analysis (BA) and Business Process Innovation & Management training through as we’re not only a Training company – we also “practice what we preach” – we continuously perform BA- & Process Engineering related work at companies such as Alexander Forbes, the SABS, AngloAmerican, Sasol (to mention only a few) for whom we provide BA- & Process Engineering related work from writing Business Requirements Specifications (BRSs) to facilitating strategy sessions.

We also help these companies in selecting complex solutions including ERP solutions.

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