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Business Analysis & Process Management Training

We believe we’re well positioned to perform Business Analysis (BA) and Business Process Management training as we’re not only a Training company – we “practice what we preach” and we “preach what we practice”– we continuously perform BA- & Process Engineering related work at companies such as Alexander Forbes, the SABS, AngloAmerican, Sasol (to mention only a few) for whom we provide BA- & Process Engineering related services from writing Business Requirements to facilitating strategy sessions. We also help these companies in selecting complex solutions including ERP solutions.

The Problem

The ability to provide Training requires extensive knowledge of the various industries and technologies and the ability to immerse oneself in the day-to-day lives of customers……

Many training companies provide theoretical training without backing it up with practical experience. Training rarely teaches innovation but rather how to polish an existing process.

Our Promise

We’ve spent thousands of hours on various projects to truly understand customer needs and wants. We believe we have a very good understanding of the customer needs, habits, and practices.

Steve Jobs was a brilliant innovator as he could think outside the box. If one, however, analyses how Steve (maybe unknowingly) was able to be such a great innovator, one realises its because he could separate what people want from how they get it. If one looks at how he revolutionised the music industry you’ll see that he was able to first establish what people wanted and only then figured out how to give them what they wanted. People did not want a better experience at the CD warehouse, like a quicker way to find a CD and/or having a coffee while listening to CD’s. Steve also realised that people did not necessarily want all the songs on the CD, but maybe only one. Steve was able to define their needs (what) described by the following user story:

  • As a music lover, I want one song and I want to buy it now (regardless of where I am, i.e. in my car at my home….) so that I can start listening to it immediately (and don’t have to wait for an appropriate time to drive to the cd warehouse)

Steve then looked at “how” he can enable these needs – he utilised design aspects (how) such as mobile devices, and cloud- & online payment solutions

Therefore, to effectively analyse any area of the business, the Business Analyst needs to understand the difference between what is required and how it will be implemented. This course focuses on ensuring that a Business/ Process Analyst understands the most appropriate modelling technique to define the accurate, complete, concise and complete business requirements (what) that are to be used as a basis for developing business solutions.

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