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IT Solutions Companies (e.g. Oracle Channel Partners and many other solutions providers) nationwide turn to MetaPerformance when they want more. More results. More quickly. More sustainably. As a sales consulting firm with decades of experience we've helped generate millions of Rands in new business for our clients. We have the fastest, most practical approach for your company to achieve results. If you need marketing or sales consulting services, please contact us.

Sales Hit Rate





MetaPerformance is Business Consulting firm that shows clients how to show the value proposition in money terms to overcome the price objection and shorten the sales cycle……It comes back to that wonderful expression from the great movie Jerry MaguireShow me the Money.

Giving money to a customer is always easier than asking a customer for money.

The Problem:

Too many IT companies sell functionality (features and functions), and not the ROI (Return on Investment) that their solution is meant to bring. The problems we keep hearing regarding sales include:

  • The sales cycle is too long
  • The outcome of the sales process is too unpredictable
  • We don’t get to the bottom of the real problem and so often money is left on the table
  • We’re losing deals due to a lack of experience, creativity, and/or communication skills
  • Companies have difficulty in translating their Business Vision and Strategy into a Business Model

“As Sales people we love talking about our solutions and doing PowerPoint presentations and the customers love listening – what should be happening is that we should rather spend time listening and trying to understand the underlying problem our solution is intended to resolve for the client”

The Promise:

We have a great deal of success with our Sales Methodology as it promotes proper Needs Analysis and Solution selling. We “show people the money” through our Business Case methodology. We promise profitable growth and the ability to better leverage the use of your time.

Sales literature today will claim the product is more reliable, faster, quicker, more robust, cleaner, safer or whatever. That’s an advertising description. What we do is to turn ‘more reliable‘ into a number (Rand/ Dollar).

We perform Sales Consulting on behalf of companies (outsourced to us) or teach them how to do Sales. In the case of the latter this is how the MetaPerformance approach will assist you and your sales force to achieve your results. We’ll teach you how to:

  • Develop ‘Hypnotic’ Scripts and conduct proper sales calls (cold calling + client visits)


    • Tune into the needs of your customers – listen, feel, and sense.
  • Build a Business Case through Needs Analysis (structured conversation) – we teach sales people to understand the opportunity for both you and the customer and this is really all about understanding the customer’s needs and listening to them.


    • Perform solution selling.
    • “Show your clients the money”
    • Apply the principles of communication and critical business thinking – inquiry vs. advocacy
    • Avoid premature discussion of solutions, and move instead to exploring the underlying business problems the solution is intended to solve.
  • Coaching


    • Following on from the training we suggest a reinforcement period of two months where we spend 2 hours per week sitting in on sales calls with the Sales Person making sure that the MetaPerformance Methodology is entrenched with him/ her – this is absolutely critical as it’s proven that human beings only effectively change their behavior after 21 days
    • We have a 95% hit rate with our Business Case Methodology – i.e. 95% of the business cases completed by us have led to sales (examples include Clicks, Swiftnet, ITEC, GlaxoSmithKline, Alexander Forbes, Tracker etc).

Who We Work With

  • AlexanderForbes
  • Rhodes
  • Bestmed
  • Anglo American
  • DataCentrix
  • Enviroserv
  • FirstRand
  • Sasol
  • FTP
  • MTN
  • Omnia
  • PEP
  • SABS
  • Sasol
  • StandardBank
  • SunCityResort