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We "practice what we preach in the classrooms" – IT Solutions Companies (e.g. Oracle Channel Partners and many other solutions providers) nationwide turn to MetaPerformance when they want more. More results. More quickly. More sustainably. As a business development consulting firm with decades of experience we've helped generate millions of Rands in new business for our clients. We have the fastest, most practical approach for your company to achieve results. If you need marketing or business development (sales) skills, please contact us.


We see dysfunctional sales practices as the major gap/ opportunity in the marketplace which gave rise to our methodology. Some of issues raised by our clients include:

  • The sales cycle is to long
  • The outcome of the sales cycle is too unpredictable
  • We don’t get to the bottom of the real problem and so money is left on the table
  • We are loosing deals due to a lack of experience, creativity and communication skills

Dysfunctional sales practices can best be described by dr. Daniel Goleman who wrote the following on Empathy (understanding others) in his book called ‘Working with Emotional Intelligence’:

“Once a patient started speaking, the first interruption by the physician occurred, on average, within 18 seconds. Physicians who don’t listen get sued more – the time needed for a doctor to be successfully empathetic is just three minutes”


The MetaPerformance Business Development Methodology is aimed at helping our clients like you succeed. A fresh approach to Business Development is required, a new way of thinking about business. Our methodology leads to mutual success and mutual satisfaction. By applying the methodology the revenues and margins will increase, and you’ll be able to better leverage the use of your time,

This is how the MetaPerformance approach will assist you to achieve your results: By being able to read what your customers want means empathising with them, and then developing a solution that suits their needs. We’ll teach your sales people how to tune into the needs of your customers – listen, feel, and sense.

We find that companies sell functionality (product features and functions), they don’t sell needs. Selling functionality rarely leads to an ROI for our customers – the ultimate aim. We’ll teach your sales people how to perform solution selling.

We’ve found that offering a solution before building up the need often leads to failure in terms of a successful sale as the potential buyer does not feel that the problem has enough value to merit an expensive solution. We’ve typically found that when Sales People provide advantages of their solution the buyer raises objections. We’ll teach your sales people how to “show your clients the money”.

Our methodology teaches you how to apply the principles of communication and critical business thinking. The Business Development dialogue is a balance between inquiry and advocacy. It requires exceptional critical thinking and communication skills. The better job we do of inquiry the more powerfully we can advocate.

The MetaPerformance approach teaches sales people to avoid premature discussion of solutions, and move instead to exploring the underlying business problems the solution is intended to solve and / or the desired results the solution is intended to produce. Problems and results can be examined for evidence; evidence can be developed into economic consequences and impact, thus creating a sound business case for adopting a solution.

The MetaPerformance Business Development Training consists of two parts:

1)      a ‘Soft Part’ and

2)      a ‘Hard Part’ or scientific part

The ‘Soft Part’ of the MetaPerformance methodology involves the following:

  • Our methodology teaches you how to apply the principles of proper communication The Business Development dialogue is a delicate balance between asking questions and presenting ideas/ concepts. It requires exceptional business acumen, thinking and communication skills. The better job we do of asking the more powerfully we can sell our ideas/ concepts.


  • Our methodology  also teaches people how to develop ‘Hypnotic’ Scripts and conduct proper sales calls (cold calling + client visits)


    1. The key element to hypnosis is getting attention. The Cold Call and Sales Scripts developed by MetaPerformance achieve just that and is based on using certain words and following a particular structure. For example, Agatha Christie literally hypnotized her readers as she used words that invoked chemical responses in the brains of her readers. Her phrases trigger a pleasure response which causes people to seek out her books again and again, almost like an addiction

    2. Common phrases used by Christie act as a trigger to raise levels of serotonin and endorphins, the chemical messengers in the brain that induce pleasure

    3. The Cold Call and Sales Scripts also need to ensure that every time a fact is stated , that a description is given of how that fact will benefit the client – appeal to the client’s ego and they’ll do virtually anything you ask

      • Hypnotic selling occurs when you get out of your ego and into the clients ego

    4. Our Cold Call and Sales Scripts ensures Hypnotic selling by making your potential clients react because of the mental images we’ll plant in their minds

      • Studies prove that we think in pictures. Hence the Cold Call and Sales Scripts need to describe your views, or your products in vivid detail. You need to tell your potential clients what they’ll see, feel, hear and taste when they use your new product

    5. Intimacy – people buy from people they like. When you allow your personality to come through, people feel a sense of intimacy with you. We’ll ensure that your Cold Call and Sales Scripts are intimate

    6. The two ingredients to hypnotic selling is to create excitement and curiosity

    7. Your Cold Call and Sales Scripts also need to anticipate objections and concerns and answering them at the right moment are key to hypnotic selling

    8. The basic formula for persuading people is probably 2,500 years old and goes back to Aristotle and the ancient Greeks. In short, and in a very simplified version, here is Aristotle’s formula in modern dress:

      • Problem
      • Promise
      • Proof
      • Price

Let’s look at each step:

  1. Problem – we begin our Cold Call and Sales Scripts with a headline that calls out the audience you want by focusing on their problem. What we’re doing is rounding up the people who’ll want to buy from you by focusing on their problem or issue

  2. Promise – in this section we explain how you solve the problem mentioned in the opening line of the Cold Call and Sales Scripts

  3. Proof – we live in an age of scepticism, here we focus on your proof or evidence that you can deliver

  4. Price – people want to be led but they won’t take action unless you spell it out for them, and hence we tell the price for doing so

Love is the most powerful motivator of all times – our Cold Call and Sales Scripts reveal what there is to love about your product or service and thus we’ll give potential clients authentic reasons to do business with you. Show your potential client his or her dreams

From a ‘Hard Part’ or scientific perspective the MetaPerformance methodology involves the following:

  1. What is the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of your Business

    1. Develop a Company Profile consisting of Capabilities

      1. Corporate Capabilities

      2. Product Capabilities

  2. Create an understanding of the Market

    1. Market segmentation

    2. Competitor Analysis


  3. Create an understanding of your Customer

    1. Business Needs

      1. Building a Business Case through Needs Analysis (structured conversation) – we teach sales people to understand the opportunity for both you and the customer and this is really all about understanding the customer’s needs and listening to them

      2. Return On Investment (ROI) and  Decision – Case for Change

        1. Return – Understand in more detail, the impact of the current situation and the associated cost (e.g. price of non-conformance, price of doing things in a certain way)

        2. Investment – Understand the cost of the possible solution

  4. Develop your Sales Process

    1. Sales Forecasting and Planning

    2. Suspect – Prospect – Buyer – Client


To conclude our methodology is all about ‘how-to’

  1. What must we know about the marketplace, the customers, our own products/ services and our competitors?

  2. How best to manage the sales process every day

  3. Do we know what makes a customer buy?



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