The essence of strategy lies in choosing to perform activities differently, or to perform different activities than rivals.

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Strategy Consulting

The essence of our strategy development process lies in assisting our clients to perform activities differently, or to perform different activities than their rivals.  We find that organisations who don’t do this often end up with nothing more than a marketing slogan,  a set of performance goals or vague aspirations that do not withstand competition. 


We follow an analysis-driven approach that leads to game-changing insights allowing us to develop powerful strategies. These insights are centred around customers, markets, competitors, regulators, and industries. We will  make sure you are winning the value equation and leverage your capacity to take advantage of opportunities and defend your turf. 

Our Approach

Allowing us to craft your strategy will result in a lasting competitive strategy.  Judging what strategy to pursue will be grounded in a detailed assessment of your organisation’s external and internal environment. Key aspects we discover during analysis include: 

  • Who are the competitors and what makes them unique?
  • How do your capabilities stack up against the competitors? 
  • How do your costs stack up against the competitors? 
  • What do your sales/ distribution channels value? 
  • What are the strategically distinct customer/ industry segments?
  • What is the target attractiveness of the segment? Typically, the Porter 5-forces model comes in handy here 
  • What do your end customers value?
  • How will your competitors react to our actions? 
  • What is happening politically, what are the economic factors, what are the legislative and regulatory changes?

Our analysis-driven approach creates advantages by anticipating the actions and reactions of others. It creates coherent actions that build on one another instead of cancelling each other out. Based on this assessment, we will develop Strategic Options for consideration (the Strategic Options will address the problems you face or allow you to seize opportunities that might be presenting themselves). By selecting the most promising Strategic Option/s, your competitive strategy will be born. It will result in you being different, by deliberately choosing a different set of activities to deliver a unique mix of value to your clients. Your competitive strategy will cover the following themes:

  • What are your aspirations
  • Where you will play (products and/ or services, geographies, channels) 
  • How you will win
  • What capabilities you need

We will make sure your strategy applies your strengths against the most promising opportunities. Your strategy will draw on your existing strength, as well as create strength through the coherence of its design. The developed strategy will not pursue multiple objectives that are disconnected, or that conflict with one another.  We will ensure that your strategy can be implemented by defining the desired objectives and measures that will drive the required behaviours. Finally, the strategy will create a line of sight between the organisational strategy and the individual performance measures.

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The End Result

  • An activity system that looks different from your competitor’s system and that delivers value in a distinctive way.
  • Your customers absolutely love you.
  • Your competitors will be left with “where-to-play” and “how-to-win” choices that won’t attack the heart of your market to survive.
  • You will become the hardest target in your industry, leaving your competitors to attack one another.
  • Customers will look first to you for innovation, new products, and service enhancements to make their lives better. Meaning that your customers believe that you are uniquely positioned to create value for them.