Automation and digitalisation is dramatically reshaping the global economy. We help our clients identify fit-for-purpose emerging digital solutions to change the way they work.

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Digital Transformation Consulting

As the pace of technological and market changes and digital disruption reshapes the modern business model, this sense of urgency has become the new norm. Change is at hand.


What should your Digital Business Model look like given that customers’ expectations continue to surge as digital disruptors raise the bar for personalised service, often with an advantaged cost structure? As organisations struggle to adapt, and even to survive, our Digital Transformation Consulting services and solution designs alleviates margin strain and meets demanding customer expectations. Our clients that successfully transform to the digital economy, find ways to create persuasive new value propositions –  often a breakthrough in customer experience.


We help our clients identify fit-for-purpose emerging digital solutions to change the way they work. We will ensure that the payoff for investing in these technologies and platforms will exceed the costs and effort. Our designed solutions harness data, and intelligence to deliver the right information where and when it’s needed. We help reinvent your business operations to deliver faster more efficient customer service. Our automation designs will provide enormous value to organisations that adopt them at scale.


Often leaders lack a common language or a compelling framework to help them assess the degree of threat to their business and more importantly to offer direction about what they should do. We’ve developed a Digital Transformation Framework that will enable you to understand where you are in their digital journey, where you have to go, and which best practices will get you there.

Our Promise To You

  • Industry 4.0 continues to advance with breath-taking speed, unleashing new capabilities, allowing technology to often drive operational improvement. Automation, advanced analytics, digital performance management, cloud computing, machine learning — all offer powerful and game-changing ways for organizations to achieve new heights in operational performance.
  • We bring world-leading designers and technical experts to redesign the entire experience and radically improve the customer journey. 

  • We help re-invent business operations through industrialised business process expertise, technology, advanced analytics, and data, resulting in superior business outcomes.

  • MetaPerformance is also a proud partner with premium Software Engineering organisations like the Johannesburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE)

Our Approach

Innovative technologies may serve as the engine of digital transformation, however transformation has to begin with a clearly defined digital strategy.  


Our approach includes utilising our comprehensive Digital Transformation Framework to analyse the digital trends and emerging innovations that will shape your industry in future. Our framework is a highly effective tool for gauging your current level of digital maturity allowing you to understand the gaps between where you are and where you need to be. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital transformation refers to the process of using digital technologies to fundamentally change how businesses operate and deliver value to their customers. It involves rethinking and redesigning business processes, products, and services to leverage digital technologies and create new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Digital transformation consulting is a service provided by consulting firms to help organizations plan, design, and implement their digital transformation strategies. This involves analysing the organisation’s current operations, identifying opportunities for improvement, and designing and implementing new processes and systems to leverage digital technologies and create new value.

A digital transformation framework is a structured approach to digital transformation that provides a framework for designing and implementing digital strategies. It typically includes a set of principles, best practices, and tools for managing the transformation process, as well as guidelines for ensuring that the transformation aligns with the organisation’s strategic goals.

The digital transformation framework can help businesses by providing a structured approach to digital transformation that ensures that the transformation is aligned with the organisation’s goals, and that it is implemented in a way that maximises the benefits and minimises the risks. By using a framework, businesses can reduce the time and cost of the transformation process, while also ensuring that it is successful and sustainable.

Industry 4.0 refers to the current wave of technological change in manufacturing and industry, which is characterised by the increased use of automation, data exchange, and digital technologies. Industry 4.0 has a significant impact on businesses, as it enables them to automate processes, reduce costs, and create new opportunities for innovation and growth. It also requires businesses to adapt to new technologies and processes, and to upskill their workforce to remain competitive in the digital age.