We bring world-leading designers and technical experts to redesign entire end-to-end processes, improving efficiency, process cost and customer-centricity.

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As Industry 4.0 continues to advance; unleashing new capabilities at breath-taking speed, it is all too easy for business leaders to succumb to relying solely on technology to drive operational improvement. Automation, advanced analytics, digital performance management, cloud computing, machine learning — all offer powerful and game-changing ways for organisations to achieve new heights in operational performance. But the costs and effort of these technologies and platforms can often exceed their payoff and the expectations are inflated. Organisations need to focus as much on the other aspects like process flows, and how the processes are enabled through people (role clarity and accountability), as they do on the Industry 4.0 technologies.

Many organisations grapple with cost-reduction levers. Unable to pass costs on to their customers in this hypercompetitive environment, organisations are looking towards MetaPerformance to assist them to bolster margins. 


Our Approach

We architect process solutions from a Systems Thinking perspective (people, process, and technology), as it’s the only way to ensure long-term sustainability.  Systems Thinking is a holistic approach to analysis & design that focuses on the way in which a system’s constituent parts interrelate within the context of larger systems. Systems Thinking recognises that changing one part of the system will affect other parts as well as the whole system, with predictable patterns of behaviour.


Our approach involves mapping and analysing Value Streams (end-to-end processes) viewed from the customer’s perspective into the organisation (outside-in approach). This approach powers excellent customer journeys because, as we track the end-to-end processes as a stimulus-response mechanism from the customer’s perspective, we avoid silos and systems operating in isolation. This approach to process design will enable you to meet the high expectations your customers have, from efficient interactions to convenient, reliable and value for money service deliveries. Our primary focus is to improve both customer-centricity and operational efficiencies of the Value Streams  (end-to-end business processes).

Frequently Asked Questions

Business processes are a set of activities that an organisation performs in order to achieve its goals and objectives. They are the steps that are taken to create and deliver products or services, and they involve the use of resources such as people, technology, and information.

Business process engineering consulting is a service provided by consulting firms to help organisations improve their business processes. This involves analysing the organisation’s current processes, identifying areas for improvement, and designing and implementing new processes to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and performance.

Systems thinking is a way of looking at an organisation as a whole, and understanding how its various components interact with each other. It involves considering the interrelationships between different parts of the organisation, and understanding how changes in one area can affect the entire system.

Systems thinking informs business process engineering by taking a holistic approach to improving processes. Instead of focusing on individual processes in isolation, systems thinking helps to identify the connections and dependencies between processes, and how changes to one process can affect others. This enables organisations to design and implement more effective and efficient processes.

In business process engineering, value streams are incorporated by analysing the entire process of creating and delivering customer value and identifying areas for improvement. By focusing on the entire value stream, organisations can optimise the entire process, rather than just individual steps.

To Conclude

Ultimately, we help organisations to address margin strain and more demanding customer expectations through our world-class re-engineering expertise. We bring world-leading designers and technical experts to redesign the entire experience and radically improve the customer journey. We help our clients identify the newest technologies (emerging digital solutions) to change the way they work. As an example, robotics and automation are dramatically reshaping the global economy. From delivering faster customer service to efficient operations, robotics and automation provide enormous value for organisations that adopt them at scale.

To conclude, at MetaPerformance we help  our clients reinvent business processes through industrialised business process expertise, technology, and advanced analytics and data. We design intelligent solutions for superior business outcomes.